Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Strawberry Season

This is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Spring. The weather is starting to warm up without being too hot. The flowers are blooming. And the fruit is growing. And we LOVE to have fresh strawberries in the house.

LilE and I loaded up to meet a few friends and ended up meeting the entire church at the strawberry patch (well, maybe just two other playgroups and another staff family).

LilE and I found a spot all by ourselves and picked away.

Two gallons of strawberries.

They were yummy!

We talked about how the plants grow and the flowers bloom.

Then the strawberries grow out of the blooms.

Isn't it great how God created these wonderful plants for us to enjoy?!?

We took some other pictures just because we could. I have one beautiful princess with beautiful friends. 

The next morning we gathered our supplies to make freezer jam. I am so thankful for a friend making it for us a couple of years ago. We have forever been changed.

I cut the strawberries.

We crushed the strawberries.

Add the sugar (and it's not just a little sugar).

Boiled the pectin.

Mixed the two together.

And poured it into the jars.

I ended up using all two gallons of strawberries to make 4 batches of jam. Yielding 24 half pints. If we run out of jam this year we need some serious help! But really, it IS that good!!


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