Thursday, May 05, 2011

Snip Snip and Away

LilE loves arts and crafts. She has a new love for cutting. Other than ONE incident, we have not had any issues. I have heard horror stories about kids cutting their hair off at the scalp and we have been fortunate that has not been the case in our home.

Today I was running some errands when I received a phone call from LilE's teacher. My first thought was she was sick. But then the words came out of her mouth. "The kids were working at their stations and I gave them their supplies. Turned around and a second later I saw LilE cutting her hair."

I gasped and paniced. Seriously started to sweat a bit and freak out. I LOVE her hair. It is so long and so pretty and the thought of it being a buster brown haircut made me want to cry. But her teacher calmed me down and told me that she couldn't even tell she cut it. But I still wanted to know, "how much was cut?" She told me it really wasn't much. She picked up the locks and put them in a baggie for me to see when she got home. She told me LilE cried for an hour at school. She had taken the scissors away after explaining we don't ever cut our hair. Poor thing just melted, not because she was in trouble necessarily, but because she couldn't finish her craft.

I was a little on edge the rest of the day. But when I picked her up from school there wasn't anything noticable. Praise the Lord. I acted as though everything was normal and I didn't know anything. She was a bit hesitant with me, which makes me laugh a bit at her sinful nature. As she does every day, she wanted to show me the stuff from school. We went through everything and the baggie was amongst all her papers. (There was some MAJOR relief as I had to squint to see the 10-2" hairs in the baggie. It was not as much as I thought.) I asked her what it was and she answered her hair. The poor girl thought she was going to get into trouble and when I asked her how it got there, she said she didn't want to tell me. So, we had some lessons on being honest and telling the truth--even when it is hard. And since she had kinda already been punished and she was heartbroken over her choices, there were no further consequences on our end. She did start crying on the way home so I stopped and took her out of her seat and just gave her lots of love. She sure did need it!

We had to run and pick up the camera from being cleaned (woot!). So on the way we stopped for a little happy hour treat! Maybe that will help her realize that we love her enough to give her a treat to make her feel a bit better about life. I know they sure help me feel better!


Mom/Mimi said...

Sometimes we just ACT and then think about what we just did.(That is usually what gets us into trouble). Glad that it wasn't anything major which required professional help. Glad it became a teaching moment and that unconditional love was exhibited.

w and js mommy said...

I thought this was about your haircut before I read it--which looks FAB btw~!

Leta said...

I think that it is just a rite of passage as a child grows up. It is only hair!