Saturday, May 14, 2011

Party Time, Excellent!

This weekend we had 3 birthday parties--THREE! Fun, but busy weekend.
No pictures from the 30th birthday. Guess that is what happens when you get old. :)

On Saturday we had two 3 year old parties. And yes, I took my camera them. In the morning we headed to the fire station to celebrate with theEdge. This is the best group shot I got. I forgot how distracted 3 year olds can be.

The fireman gave us a quick tour of the station and then showed the kids all about the truck. And they even got to get on!

Later that evening, we headed to the picnic shelter for an Alice in Wonderland party for another 3 year old. You can get ALL the details from MC's mommy HERE. It was amazing!
They had a "photo booth" area and the girls and I took advantage. Fun idea!

And  we couldn't go without a creeper picture.

Baby even had his/her picture taken. You can see it HERE.

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W and Js mommy said...

creeper pic is almost...almost as funny as the one fromt he beach where LR is standing in the middle of me and M! HAAAAAAAA