Friday, May 20, 2011

I Wanna Get Away

Each spring the ministerial staff at church is able to get away for a time of retreat. Over the past 7 years it has varied as to what they have done. Wives v. no wives; Wives the entire week v. wives for an overnight; planning v. playing, etc. Last year was heavy on the meeting and discussing vision. This year was a bit more heavy on the team building (read--encouraging each other every night) and playing.

We were able to find two homes on Fripp Island, SC that could accommodate the entire staff (23 of us on the trip). We had all but one meal in the home. You know, it did seem like we ate all week. Seriously. But the food was awesome!

Just before lunch one day we saw this awesome view from the porch. Amazing!

The island has deer everywhere. They would even come up to us and beg for food, especially this mangy one. Most had their "amenity card" (aka ear tag) unlike this one.

On Thursday morning, half of the staff headed back home. We did not have any commitments and our friends were willing to keep LilE one more night, so we took advantage of one more free day on the island.

We headed out to Hunting Island State Park, the island right next door to Fripp. Several movies have been filmed on the Island: Forrest Gump, GI Jane, and Rules of Engagement. While there we went letterboxing with some friends. We went to the light house on the island.

 JD had never been in a light house. We rested while he took the 167 stairs to the top. And then he showed us the view from the top.

The next box we went after was on a trail that was closed. But that didn't stop the boys from walking 50 paces. And I guess we paid for it too, ticks. That's right, ticks. We brought a few out of the trail with us. Hmm.

One box we weren't successful in finding was on the marsh. We took a long boardwalk over it. There were teeny crabs everywhere. Thousands of them. And most had a dominate claw. Pretty funny looking.

We had a great day with friends and enjoyed the evening relaxing after some golf carting adventures. You just never know what may happen--what happens at Fripp Island, stays on Fripp Island.

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Dad said...

It sounds like you had a great week.