Tuesday, May 10, 2011


About two months ago, JD took up a new hobby, one he swore he would never take up because he didn't like it; it was boring. Now those words have come back to haunt him. Ha!

Mid May the church staff will go on our annual retreat. This year all the boys are to play golf. Yes, boring golf. And in order for him not to make a fool of himself, he decided to head out to the driving range and hit a few. One of our neighbors LOVES to play and this gave him an opportunity to get on the course with him.

Over the next few weeks he had in his possession a nice golf bag, full of clubs, balls, and tees, golf shoes, and gloves. Really? Who is this man? But he has enjoyed spending time with the boys at work. He was even able to play in a fund raiser for Child Evangelism Fellowship at the Cliffs. An extremely nice course to play on for the first time!

He has been given lots of tips along this journey and had lots of encouragement from the boys. Thanks to all who have helped him learn. He seems to actually enjoy playing and is competetive enough to conquor this new challenge.

Although it looks like it may all is well, you can watch this video to see the bumps in the road.


Dad said...

JD--you will be glad to know that I got a set of clubs as my 40-year service award. We need to start playing once or twice a year!

Double Dees in SC said...

Dallas loves to play....they should get together at least once this summer....