Friday, June 24, 2011

Na Na Na Na...Na Na Na Na...Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

Can you believe it has been 5 years since I started this blog? FIVE years. Wow. Time sure does go by in a hurry. And now that we, in just a few days, will no longer be Tres Alejandros, it is time for one blog to close and another to continue on with the journey.

Thanks for joining us in our daily adventures as a family of three. We hope you will COME AND LISTEN to what will be happening in the future of our family!

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Mom & Dad said...

Sad to see this go.....this has been a great lifeline for us to keep up with our far away family. Hope with the new addition there will be time to keep us posted on all the future happenings of our beloved children and grandchildren.

meaghan easterhaus said...

i'm adding you to my blog roll! why have i not done that before?? hmmmm