Thursday, June 09, 2011

Headed to the Big Apple

Usually, Summer Spectacular (aka VBS) is late June. But with JD being one of the two top dogs for this event and having a baby due the last week of June, it got moved up this year. Yes people, our baby caused the date change.

I am so thankful for this man and ALL he does for the Kingdom!

But it is the last event before the baby comes, and for that we are super excited. We had a great week in the Big Apple. Over 750 children (400+ 1st-5th graders and 350+ birth-K5) joined us! WOW!

JD and crew spent many hours preparing the worship room with environmental projection and decor. Doesn't it look awesome?


Each day during the closing celebration the sun would set on the "city of New York".  The kids LOVED it and would go crazy!

And they even had a taxi outside for the entire week. Pretty NYC if you ask me. Since we had the keys we went with a little photo op.

But isn't it more about what is on the inside that counts? Lives were changed this week as we talked about faith, love, trust, others, and life. Watch this:

Thanks to Alex for all the pics and the videos. You rock!

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Mom said...

Pretty cool stuff! Glad you had a great week. We finished up today as well with 11 decisions adn $1,073.18 to go to a mission in the metroplex. Considering we averaged 279 (kids and workers) that was a really great offering.