Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Great State Fair of Texas

Tuesday morning we got up and headed to see this guy:

We were in Texas during the three weeks of the State Fair. JD and I went back when we lived in Texas, but had not been back since. I thought it would be fun to head up to Dallas and teach LilE about the Texas culture, since she told me the other day she was born in Texas. (That one was kinda hard to correct. So glad she shares our love for Texas!)

We started the day off by meeting up with one of my besties from college!! Kama made those first two years so stinkin' fun! Not sure what I would have done without her. She came to the fair with her two boys under two! She is super mom for sure!

We then we to a Butterfly Release. It was this hot and humid room full of beautiful plants and tons of butterflies. Well, not as many as I was expecting, but they were fun to watch.

After the kids had been cooped up unable to run around, we headed to the kids farm. They each got an apron and feed. They were able to feed the chickens, gather eggs, milk cows, and plant, water, and harvest the crops. Then they took their crops to the Farmer's Market and were paid for their crop. A great teaching tool! And they all loved it and didn't want to leave.

Time for grub--FRIED grub! Gotta love corn dogs, funnel cakes, and chicken fried bacon. Seriously.

After lunch we headed to the cow milking presentation followed by the petting zoo. There were so many new babies born at the fair!!

Time to go for a ride! We rode the carousel and the Ferris wheel. LilE had been asking all day when she could ride. It was by far the highlight of her day. And I kinda enjoyed it too.

By mid afternoon, LilE was pooped from walking so much. She was such a trooper. I told her I was not going to carry her and she did not complain. But when we did stop, she sat. Every time. She just makes me laugh!

Thanks so much to Mimi and Pop for such a fun fun fun day! We loved it!


Leta said...

I love the farm experience! Even though we have cows, the grandkids don't see the milking, pigs or chickens. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Christmas!

Jessica said...

Ooooohhhh! Haven't been to the State Fair since I was in high school. Fun,fun,fun! I have so been wanting to try deep fried bacon. Love all the TX pics.

Sandra said...

Love the picture of you and Kama!!